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The Next Social Network: WordPress

Posted in blogroll, media with tags , , on December 13, 2007 by mrbitterness

I have a myspace account, but have never mustered the dedication to keep it updated, or to even finish setting it up originally.

I’m in agreement with the dude at GigaOM: To get a facebook or myspace page in a useful state as a social networking node, you have to things “their way.” The casefiles have always served my needs for an outlet, but with the freedom to be Sinatra-esque, i.e. “do it my way.”

The Next Social Network: WordPress – GigaOM

Hope this doesn’t create some kind of quasi-reverse-feedback loop that destroys the fabric of space-time and/or exposes my more embarrassing¬† drunk-posting moments to old friends who don’t yet know how lame I’ve become.

But it is nice to hear that, just as with many new fads since grunge,¬† I’m way ahead of the curve.

If my behavior seems stupid or lame, just wait a few years. You’ll wish you were as cool as I used to be.