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My newest quest

Posted in fun with tags on November 23, 2007 by mrbitterness

My newest blinky-lights (video game) undertaking is Lego Star Wars II. Yes, I know they just released a newer version, but I’m a GameStop gamer.

I don’t HAVE TO play a game until I can pay less than $20 for it.

This one’s pretty cool so far. I haven’t played a puzzle-style game in ages — I got hooked on skaters, fighters and shooters (in that order) back in college, and no Zelda-style games have piqued my interest.

Beautifully rendered, thanks to the ease of recreating Lego blocks, it’s also a hoot to play so far.  I rarely have the time to play video games, between work and parenting, but I really need something to better unplug my brain.

Some days, I think it’s overheating.