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A morning for F-bombs

Posted in current events, politics with tags , , , on January 4, 2008 by mrbitterness

Stephen Green over at VodkaPundit summed up my reaction pretty succinctly. (h/t Prof. Reynolds)

Vodkapundit – An Open Letter

Dear Iowa Republicans,I’ll put this in language even your tiny little Iowa brains can understand: What the f*** is wrong with you people?

Most of the people I know would be categorized as “social conservatives.” So I’m especially worried about the apparent Huckaboom; it means I’m gonna have to apply smacks on the head to a lot of people I love and respect.

Because I’m sure they have fixated on his Dobson-friendly pro-life credentials, ignoring the corrupt and/or socialist tendencies that’ll make those issues moot.

I haven’t trolled around for all the candidates’ reactions, but I was happy to see Fred Thompson got the third place (though barely) everyone said he needed.


More reasons to keep Hillary out of the White House

Posted in politics with tags , , , , , on December 21, 2007 by mrbitterness

Not that I needed any more reasons. But this story — shockingly reported by the New York Times — makes it clear that Hillary can’t be trusted with absolute power any more than her husband. Graft and corruption are as natural as breathing for these two.

Heading Right » Blog Archive » Guess Who Gave Millions To The Clintons?

With ugly truths coming out about Mike Huckabee’s misuse of the Arkansas governorship to line his own pockets, I think it’s time the EPA tested the water at the Little Rock Governor’s Mansion.

That place seems like a hot zone for corruption, manipulation and connivance.