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i can’t believe I didn’t know this

Posted in politics with tags , , on January 11, 2008 by mrbitterness

Or maybe I did and just forgot. Fred Thompson is a native Alabamian, born and raised in Sheffield. He even began his college career at Florence State C.C., now known as the University of North Alabama.

Fred Thompson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Early life and educationThompson was born in Sheffield, Alabama, the son of Ruth Inez (née Bradley) and Fletcher Session Thompson.[9][10] He attended public school in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, graduating from Lawrence County High School. Thereafter, he worked days in the local post office and nights at a bicycle assembly plant.[11]

Thompson entered Florence State College, now the University of North Alabama, becoming the first member of his family to go to college.[12] He later transferred to Memphis State University, now the University of Memphis, where he earned a double-major in philosophy and political science in 1964, as well as scholarships to both Tulane and Vanderbilt law schools.[11] He went on to earn his J.D. degree from Vanderbilt in 1967.[12]

I now know he went to UNA, I know he served the Volunteer State in the Senate. It’s not quite accurate in this case, but I’ve always preferred one phrase for the moments where most Americans would say “hell yeah!”

Roll Tide! 

Also, give Fred money.


BLOGBURST FOR FRED: Battle stations!

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Again, this comes with the caveat that I have virtually no readers, nor is my wallet chunky enough to help Sen. Fred Thompson much in South Carolina. But Right Wing Nuthouse does, so go here to MAN THE OARS AND START PULLING!

We need someone like Fred. I’m pretty cynical most times, and rarely prone to trust any politician. But Fred seems more sincere than any of the other candidates, all of which have a position or two I consider No-Fly Zones. He’s not going to get any love from the media. They can’t prop him up for a comeback like they did Maverick McCain, because they can’t figure out how they’ll knock him down in time for the General Election.

So it’s up to us, the little guys, to give whatever tuppence we have. In my case, just words. Go Fred, to victory in S.C., then some other places, then some other places, and then to The White House. Yeeeearrrrgh! (so they were Howard Dean’s words, sue me; I never specified they’d be mine)

A morning for F-bombs

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Stephen Green over at VodkaPundit summed up my reaction pretty succinctly. (h/t Prof. Reynolds)

Vodkapundit – An Open Letter

Dear Iowa Republicans,I’ll put this in language even your tiny little Iowa brains can understand: What the f*** is wrong with you people?

Most of the people I know would be categorized as “social conservatives.” So I’m especially worried about the apparent Huckaboom; it means I’m gonna have to apply smacks on the head to a lot of people I love and respect.

Because I’m sure they have fixated on his Dobson-friendly pro-life credentials, ignoring the corrupt and/or socialist tendencies that’ll make those issues moot.

I haven’t trolled around for all the candidates’ reactions, but I was happy to see Fred Thompson got the third place (though barely) everyone said he needed.

Thanks Friends of Fred

Posted in current events, politics with tags , , , on December 29, 2007 by mrbitterness

Seeing the lower casefiles mentioned alongside favorites like IMAO and Right Wing Nuthouse just gave the warm-and-fuzzies. Though I’m sure we’re pretty low on the gravitas rankings, it’s an honor to be nominated.

But in the case of Fred Thompson’s run for the GOP nomination, it’s IMPERATIVE he be nominated. There are some good men on the GOP side, but none of them have the command of the important issues of the day that FDT

John Hawkins at Right Wing News put it well, I thought:

“This may be our last, best shot to help Fred because he needs to finish in at least 3rd place in Iowa to keep going — and let me tell you, if he’s out, you’re going to really have to hold your nose when you’re deciding which of these other candidates to back. “

He also put together a couple videos, like the sure-to-be-classic “Vote Fred Thompson — Unless you hate children and puppies.”

Good stuff, made from scratch for the best hope for America in the coming years.

Roll Tide.

(That’s an U of Alabama thing, for those not saavy about college football. FDT’s from Tennessee, a sin I’ve tried to forgive.  But I must occasionally inoculate myself.)

Vote for Fred! Give him money

Posted in politics with tags , on December 27, 2007 by mrbitterness

I’m probably not the type of conservative blogger Fred Thompson’s campaign is really courting with this blogburst/fund-raising push.

I’m pretty sure he’s in search of bloggers with actual readers, which I — sadly — cannot claim to be (though I’m continually thankful for the drive-by comments I see from time to time).

But I firmly believe he’s our best shot for a capable, conservative leader of the free world, and I’m a little frightened by the thought of anyone else claiming that title. So, go to this Web site: Fred ’08 – Friends of Fred Thompson

My kind of politician

If you have the means and are so led, please contribute. Fred’s newest video is excellent, but he needs a good bit more cash to get it on television, where the non-politically obsessed viewers might notice. Fred’s the man; he’s a true American, and damn proud of it.

That’s why I respect him, and fervently hope to vote for him (assuming he’s still on the ticket when the Heart of Dixie votes).

Reasons I’m a Fredhead

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I’m at work today, so technically I’m supposed to be doing local-media types of stuff, like talking to an investigator about the female skeleton they found down by Lake Jordan in July (just got inconclusive results back from forensics, if you’re curious).

But I’m also feeling a little bitter today, and my alter-ego is kicking me in the kidneys like a pissed-off fetus. So with little time to write up my own reasons for supporting Fred Dalton Thompson, I thought I’d just steal the ones from IMAO. Well, not steal, appropriate.

Attribution is the sincerest form of plagiarism, or something like that.

Thanks IMAO:

You might be a Fredhead if……you blame America last.

…you kinda like it when terrorists are made uncomfortable.

…you think that today’s serious foreign policy issues will take more than hillbilly charm and naiveté to handle.

…you suspect the Iran might actually be up to something.

…you prefer movies where American troops are the good guys.

…you think a Senate majority leader who constantly tells us how things are doomed while a war is still ongoing needs a good bitch-slapping.

…you think it’s great if a murderer finds God, but that doesn’t mean he should be let out of prison.

…you think America’s sovereignty is kinda important.

FWIW, I endorse D.A. Arthur Bra- er, Fred Dalton Thompson

Posted in politics with tags , , , on December 22, 2007 by mrbitterness

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers out there feel they’re “Supposed” to endorse a candidate. I’ve never felt that was the case, even though I come from the endorsement-obsessed newspaper industry.

The little papers I’ve worked for rarely did endorsements — we only covered county races, where there’s a decent chance the guy (or gal) you DIDN’T endorse will be just as important a source for you next month as the guy you helped sweep into office.

But I don’t think I’ll desperately need the cooperation of Huckabilly or Romney to run my podunk newspaper or blog. So, as I’ve been doing in real life since before he announced, I hereby lend my endorsement — and the (likely) one vote that accompanies it — to Sen. Fred Dalton Thompson, the only man with the brains, personality and, most importantly, balls to drag this country back on track.

Fred 08 – Friends of Fred Thompson

I’ve known Fred was my man since the first Paul Harvey transcript I read over on NRO.  Unlike the rest of the field, he seems to understand the menace that threatens us and, unlike most others, takes the bad guys at their word.

IMAO, in his post endorsing Sen. Thompson, referenced a shirt he made. It read “Fred Thompson, 2008. Kill the Terrorists, Protect the Borders, Punch the Hippies.”

Those happen to be concise formulations of the three issues most important to me. Fred has spoken specifically to each one, while the rest of the GOP wannabees are too afraid they’ll offend someone interest group to speak so clearly.

The terrorists want to kill us, so we should kill them. The borders are so porous I can see few impediments that would keep Abu Mowhatever away from my kid’s elementary school; we should fix that, yesterday.

The hippies are so unhinged that they no longer value the country that makes their existence possible; maybe it’s time they experienced some of the reality that exists beyond the walls of the US of A. I’m pretty sure there’s an article about Treason in the Constitution. When moonbat hippies speak of the erosion of the constitution, the only truth to it is that actual consequences for the vile, treasonous things they say and do has been whittled away.

Go Fred. Please win the nomination.

I’m tired of holding my nose when I enter the voting booth.