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FWIW, I endorse D.A. Arthur Bra- er, Fred Dalton Thompson

Posted in politics with tags , , , on December 22, 2007 by mrbitterness

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers out there feel they’re “Supposed” to endorse a candidate. I’ve never felt that was the case, even though I come from the endorsement-obsessed newspaper industry.

The little papers I’ve worked for rarely did endorsements — we only covered county races, where there’s a decent chance the guy (or gal) you DIDN’T endorse will be just as important a source for you next month as the guy you helped sweep into office.

But I don’t think I’ll desperately need the cooperation of Huckabilly or Romney to run my podunk newspaper or blog. So, as I’ve been doing in real life since before he announced, I hereby lend my endorsement — and the (likely) one vote that accompanies it — to Sen. Fred Dalton Thompson, the only man with the brains, personality and, most importantly, balls to drag this country back on track.

Fred 08 – Friends of Fred Thompson

I’ve known Fred was my man since the first Paul Harvey transcript I read over on NRO.  Unlike the rest of the field, he seems to understand the menace that threatens us and, unlike most others, takes the bad guys at their word.

IMAO, in his post endorsing Sen. Thompson, referenced a shirt he made. It read “Fred Thompson, 2008. Kill the Terrorists, Protect the Borders, Punch the Hippies.”

Those happen to be concise formulations of the three issues most important to me. Fred has spoken specifically to each one, while the rest of the GOP wannabees are too afraid they’ll offend someone interest group to speak so clearly.

The terrorists want to kill us, so we should kill them. The borders are so porous I can see few impediments that would keep Abu Mowhatever away from my kid’s elementary school; we should fix that, yesterday.

The hippies are so unhinged that they no longer value the country that makes their existence possible; maybe it’s time they experienced some of the reality that exists beyond the walls of the US of A. I’m pretty sure there’s an article about Treason in the Constitution. When moonbat hippies speak of the erosion of the constitution, the only truth to it is that actual consequences for the vile, treasonous things they say and do has been whittled away.

Go Fred. Please win the nomination.

I’m tired of holding my nose when I enter the voting booth.