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Badasses of Eclectic, Ala.

Posted in culture with tags , , on December 21, 2007 by mrbitterness

 There aren’t a lot of news stories out there about Eclectic, other than the pedestrian stuff run in the town newspaper. But here’s one I just ran across.

Texas Minutemen
“UPI, AL Two gunmen kidnapped an Eclectic, Ala., town policeman and used the officer to gain admittance to the home of Carl Ray Barker in the early morning hours. Barker, an Eclectic banker, was taken by one gunman into town to open the bank’s vault, his wife, child, and the town policeman being held hostage by the armed companion pending a safe return from the bank. When the time-vault resisted opening, the gunman returned Barker to his house and, after some debate, took the policeman away with him to get tape for binding all hostages until morning, when another attempt was to be made on the vault. Barker, now held in his home with wife and child by the second armed man, asked if he could make coffee. The robber assented and Barker put water on the stove and got it boiling. “I took the scalding water to the living room,” said Barker. “When he held his cup, I just poured the water in his face and grabbed his gun.” Barker pistol-whipped the robber into submission, loaded a shotgun and waited for the return of the other bandit. When the door opened, the captive policeman dived out of the way and Barker killed the would-be bank robber with two blasts. Barker said he feared for his family’s safety and, “I didn’t want my bank to get a bad name about being robbed.”

Pretty cool. I love that Barker expressed no concern for himself or his family, he “just didn’t want my bank to get a bad name.”

So he poured boiling water in the robber’s face, then pistol whipped him and laid in wait before blasting the partner in crime with some double-barrel justice.

It’s a good thing they didn’t threaten to hurt Mrs. Barker.


Today’s Theme: Come on Bama, Surprise Me

Posted in culture with tags , , on November 25, 2007 by mrbitterness

I’ll  always bleed Crimson.  But after the last few games, color me Cautiously Pessimistic about the Iron Bowl.

I’m terrified something tragic and depressing will happen today — specifically, a sixth straight loss to Auburn. But Alabama and Auburn is an unpredictable match-up. I still have some hope; I want to believe.


Roll Tide. Roll Tide. Roll Tide.

auburn_01.jpgGAMEDAY CENTRAL: The Crimson Tide vs. Auburn Tigers

I’m even going back to a college-days tradition: Shaving meticulously before heading to the game. I’m losing the beard, all in the name of mojo.