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reasons i wish Disney had left ESPN alone

Posted in culture, old stuff with tags on March 6, 2008 by mrbitterness

F#&% ESPN [Dan Collins]

UPDATE: Ya know, I don’t even know why i linked this post. In fact, I’m so determined to get these old drafts outta the way, that I’m not even gonna read the link.

I’ll just fire it on out there. What’s the worst that could happen?

I can think of a number of reasons I’d agree with the F**k ESPN sentiment, most of all their over reliance on sappy or lame features and the near lack of actual highlights on SportCenter.

And, of course, the perpetual anti-SEC bias, which is far more pervasive even than liberal MSM bias. It’s because they’re afraid of the SEC. They know our football is better than theirs, so they banish us to obscurity and pretend Big 10 schools actually deserve to be in the top 10.

UPDATE: I changed the title, because I didn’t like the looks of an F-bomb, even an ASCII-censored one, right at the top of the page.

And I don’t feel like writing enough tonight to move it below the fold.


ranting on Schiavo

Posted in old stuff on October 25, 2003 by mrbitterness

At what point did the legislative branch hijack the role of the courts? In Florida, the Legislature, as endorsed in signature by Gov. Jeb Bush, passed a bill that overrode a sensible court decision and blatantly ignored 20 years of case law: for one persistently vegitative woman who hasn’t demonstrated cognition in 13 years.

From time to time, legislators will find it necessary to pass laws to negate the, shall we say, creative decisions of certain activist courts (Number Nine? Number Nine?). But in this case, the Florida legislature passed law that extended the nebulous life of one woman. It won’t save any other comatose people in danger of being unplugged by spouses or families hunting for insurance payouts. Just Terry.

And she hasn’t had a concious thought in 13 years, regardless of the obviously edited video her parents forwarded to media outlets before the circuit court clerk.

Somewhere in Hollywood a cabal of producers and di…

Posted in old stuff on October 7, 2003 by mrbitterness

Somewhere in Hollywood a cabal of producers and directors are just giddy. Dismayed by the fading popularity of low-cost, high-rating reality television, these producers have rollicked in the success of their newest made-for-TV reality extravaganza: The California Recall.

Take one embattled, largely disliked politician, Gray Davis, and make him fight for his office against America’s greatest action star, a handful of political Johnny-come-latelies, and a remaining ballot of pop culture cast offs with nothing better to do.

Tonight is the final episode. Millions of eyes, in California and across the country, will be simultaneously focused on the final episode, as all but one contestant is voted off the island. Too bad California couldn’t go ahead and crash into the ocean to advance the metaphor.

Who wins the election? Who cares. The real winners are Time Warner, General Electric and News Corp., the directors of which will see ratings for their powerful news divisions skyrocket, as Americans tune in to see if California will actually choose the Terminator as the chief executive of Earth’s fifth-largest economy.

The Survivor final wasn’t this big. There’s even the strong possibility of Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath-style episodes into infinity, as California’s leaders struggle to count up the votes, protest the hanging chads and decide whether to certify the strangest bid for public office in recent memory

My personal favorite moment of the recall election thus far is the blatant partisan antics of the L.A. Times. The best I can figure, the venerable Times must fear a lawsuit from FoxNews for using not only the phrase “Fair and Balanced,” but the actual journalistic practice. Where most reporters are told to go out and find the facts, the Times’ ink-stained wretches were sent out like a pack of jackals to dig up all the dirt that was out there … on Arnold.

Gray Davis was left untouched. Cruz Bustamante went basically unmentioned. Tom McClintock: already forgotten.

So, L.A.’s paper of record printed a groundbreaking expose that claimed that, gasp, Arnold Swarzenagger was a player in his Hollywood days (not that those days have ended). They found a number of women that were outraged when Ah-nold felt them up in one way or another. Most of the claims dated back some 15-20 years, and many of them were anonymous.

Lets keep in mind: Arnold is a movie star and a Kennedy inlaw. Before that, he was Mr. Olympian. Few people have ever accused anyone with the preceding three credentials of being sensitive to the plight of women.

These anonymous women might be deeply scarred now by Arnold’s fondling and groping (at least there were no cigars involved), but I bet I know their initial reaction when Ah-nold stepped over the line: they giggled.

They probably rushed home to tell all their girlfriends that Conan/Terminator/Eraser found their bodies worthy of a grapefruit squeeze.

But now that he’s a Republican …

Arnold has been blasted by Democrats of every vane, especially the feminist variety that gave Bill Clinton a pass for harassing everything that walked past him in a skirt, short of Janet Reno.

I don’t even like Arnold. I don’t think he has the first bit of qualifications to run any state, especially California.

But the situational ethics of the Democratic Party makes me want to puke. And a newspaper — the gatekeeper of public knowledge — is playing sleazy P.I. to its hypocritical hijinks.

I’ve often ranted that reality TV has nothing to do with reality (and if there is a reality where 50 gorgeous women fight for my imagined millions, I wanna live there).

But this Recall thing is a bit too real. And it has shed some light on the real face of the Democratic Party. Look out – the current leaders are too ugly to make the first cut for The Bachelor.