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FDRs Policies Prolonged Depression by 7 Years, UCLA Economists Calculate / UCLA Newsroom

Posted in culture on October 7, 2008 by mrbitterness

Just because so many knowledge-averse democrats insist otherwise … 

via FDRs Policies Prolonged Depression by 7 Years, UCLA Economists Calculate / UCLA Newsroom.

Government intervention never helps in the long run. It might alleviate a few small pains for the ‘little people,’ but the actual cause of their miseries still fester, and are often made worse.


Just to be safe, the cached Sarah Palin wiki entry

Posted in culture, current events, politics on August 29, 2008 by mrbitterness

Now that she’s been announced as the Republican nominee for vice president, I imagine the moonbat “editors” at Wikipedia will begin scrubbing anything positive out of her entry. So here’s a link to the cached version, via Google. 

Sarah Palin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vice President Sarah Palin: I like this lady already

Posted in culture, current events, politics on August 29, 2008 by mrbitterness

From her Wiki entry, we learn that Gov. Sarah Palin:

  • was a 1984 runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant
  • Was the point guard and captain for the Wasilla High School Warriors, in Wasilla, Alaska. Palin led Wasilla Warriors to the Alaska small-school basketball championship in 1982, playing the championship game with a stress fracture in her ankle and hitting a critical free throw in the last seconds.
  • She received a scholarship to attend the University of Idaho, where she received a journalism degree. 
  • She briefly worked as a sports reporter at an Anchorage television station

So she’s a former almost-beauty queen; I’ve observed the runner-up is usually the best selection at pageants (winners are apple polishers, which the runners-up are too proud to do everything it takes to win, or too pretty for jealous female judges to validate). 

She wasn’t simply an athlete in high school. She was a super-bad, play-through-pain leader on a state championship basketball team. 

She attended University of Idaho, which means a McCain win will let the entire nation get “Vandalized!”

And she’s a former sports reporter! I was already pretty likely to choose McCain. But by adding Palin to the ticket, Maverick just earned my undying loyalty and respect.

I was going to hold my nose and pull the lever for him; now, I’m in love.

Some (protein) wisdom on the drinking age.

Posted in culture on August 25, 2008 by mrbitterness
Faced with 100 or so college presidents calling for the lowering of the drinking age — back to 18 — Mothers Against Drunk Driving responds predictably. 
“But think of the children, yadda blah blah yadda.”
Goldstein notes accurately what MADD’s true agenda is. 
  • MADD is no longer worried about drunk driving per se, but is rather become a neoprohibitionist organization trafficking in emotional arguments to convince cowardly politicians to force change upon the culture — “change” that has the effect of taking away individual freedom and responsibility, along with the role of parents in teaching young adults how to handle certain freedoms, in exchange for a government run mandate, complete with police powers of the state or municipality, that presumes to usurp those responsibilities by a kind of 3/5 rule on adulthood

protein wisdom.

America’s Georgians beclown themselves.

Posted in culture on August 22, 2008 by mrbitterness

When Google was mistaking Georgia, the republic recently invaded by Russia, with Georgia, the state with peaches and an underachieving baseball team, it was hilarious. One early story on Russia’s incursion on a sovereign neighbor had a map attached — courtesy Google Maps — suggesting that armored columns would soon descend on Savannah.

But like so many ignorant and dim folks, the American breed of Georgians just couldn’t keep their mouths shut.  

South Ossetia conflict: Concerned US citizen gets her Georgias confused – Telegraph.

Someone named Jessica B posted comments at Yahoo certain to extend every stupid stereotype of Southerners by another few years.  

  • “I live in georegia but i dont see rusia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks should i be worrie”. “i herd on the news that rusia has invaded but i dont see them no where wats going on,” she continued. Her mind was presumably put at rest by a fellow contributor, who reassured her with the words “You are in the state of Georgia. The nation of Georgia is on the other side of the world”. It is unclear whether the original post stems from a genuine geographical error or whether it is a hoax, but it has become a viral internet phenomenon, with over 4000 people recommending it on the website.

A famous saying usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln seems appropriate: 

  • “Better to remain seated and be thought a fool, than to stand and remove all doubt.”

word of the day: larrikin

Posted in culture with tags , , , on April 1, 2008 by mrbitterness

The long awaited return of the lower casefiles’ not-particularly-regular feature, the word of the day:

larrikin – Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Ran across this one in the comments to a story about thuggish British children. One of the commenters witnessed a dispute between a pub owner and some 30-somethings. It seems the barkeep dared to ban their 13 year olds from the pub for being drunken, obnoxious larrikins.

The parents were pissed he’d kicked the kiddos out, because every other pub in the neighborhood had already banned the kids for rampaging, three-sheets-to-wind, elsewhere. The parents were TAKING UP FOR JUNIOR for being an obnoxious, violent drunk.

13 years old?!? As a parent, words fail me.

In those parents position, I’d have thanked the pub owner for notifying me, apologized for my kids’ rudeness, then gone home and let a leather belt to the rest of the talking on the little punks’ asses.

But that’s just me. I’d probably be in jail if I was British.

UPDATE: Found this article, too, which details the “larrikin” problem with wonderfully British flair.

For local residents, the protocol on Fore Street is simple: do not confront, do not engage, stay inside. A resident who raised thousands of pounds for a village youth club was repaid with a bag of horse manure, mixed with petrol, set ablaze against his front door.

Feral yobs run wild while adults live in fear of threats, vandalism and intimidation.

Easter greetings

Posted in culture with tags , , on March 24, 2008 by mrbitterness

Happy Easter, fellow readers. We had the all-but full holiday experience this weekend, from a Good Friday service (where we ducked out after communion so the kids wouldn’t keep wailing over the sermon), through to Sunday dinner at great-grandmother’s house. Good times, good food, some Egg-Hunt overtime with Kodi and JD: An enjoyable celebration all around, enhanced by the relative of all stops. Drive times and gas prices can play havoc with holy days if you let them.

So here’s my Easter Sunday anecdote, largely unrelated to the holiday (unless I devise some connection as I write). It starts a little shaky, but don’t worry. Nothing gross.

My 4-year-old, complaining of a tummy ache, made a run for the bathroom after lunch. “I have to poopoo,” she announced unashamedly.  When I went to check on her, I noticed only a couple squares of toilet paper remained. After checking a few places under the lavatory, I called for help.

“Nanny, where do you keep the extra toilet paper?” I asked, using the only name my to which my grandmother will respond.

“It’s under the sink,” she called back, “but you’ll have to tear off the part the mouse chewed up.”

She was explaining herself all the way up the hall. Nanny’s old fashioned, and proud of her clean house, but few things can resist a rodent in search of a warm burrow.

“It’s on the other side, Sugar,” she said, as I started blankly into the first cabinet I opened.

I opened the other door and saw the TP roll. It had been nibbled and torn to a few inches deep, but salvageable for our purposes. I reached out to grab the roll and SNAP!

The rat-trap popped out of the cabinet from recoil, almost hitting my eye. Nanny had just reached the door when I discovered the trap she’d so cleverly baited with a roll of Charmin. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen my grandmother laugh harder. She bent over and propped her head by the sink.

“The look on your face,” she said, before more laughter cut the sentence short. “I’m sorry! I forgot … to tell you.”

Kodi had a few more minutes left in her business.

“What was that Daddy?”

It’s hard to explain an old fashioned mouse trap to a 4-year-old girl who loves all animals and watches Mickey’s Clubhouse every day.

It’s supposed to catch the mouse’s tail, I told her, but it almost got Daddy’s fingers instead.

“Would it have hurt?”

It might have. I’m really glad I didn’t find out. Once we finished Kodi’s business, I went back to the dining room. Desert had been served, but the family was too tickled by Nanny’s story to start on the Brownie Delight.  Good times.

I very happy Easter. Hope all of yours was too.