I moved again, to dgood1.typepad.com

And NOW I noticed a whole new group — err – trio of commenters. New home plug:
Same guy, less bitterness (not that I was ever bitter in the first place … I just ripped off the name of a Soul Coughing song … and it wasn’t even one of my favorites!).
Typepad lured me away with their Journalist Bailout Program, which offered me free Pro membership — with ads — for free, if I could just prove i was a pitiful, livelihood-threatened journalist. They did require a usable link to some of my dinosaur-media copy posted online, so you can’t con your way into this sweet gig easily.
I work for a newspaper (you know, the OTHER industry losing money hand over fist, with leaders teetering toward bankruptcy). Six-Apart felt sorry for me, and actually lent a hand; with that, they earned my eternal allegiance.
Wordpress is kinda dead to me now. So if you’ve commented, and not been replied, or visited and lamented the lack of fresh content (not that I actually believe anyone gave enough of a fuck to do any of that), but if you have, visit me at my new digs:
I’ll come back later and hyperlink all this.


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