reunited and it feels so good

My main computer — a frankenstein’s monster of a desktop — is finally back in action. For months now, I’ve been using one of three worn out, outdated laptops (whichever one was fully functional at the time). I had almost forgotten what Windows XP looked like, since the newest OS the laptops would handle was Millennium Edition.
But now, Prime and I have been reunited, after my father and I finally cut enough time out of our busy schedules to get it up and running again.
I’d almost forgotten how nice my dedicated desk-space was; being able to sit down and get to work right away, without first clearing the coffee table of sippie-cups and bills, is vastly underrated.


One Response to “reunited and it feels so good”

  1. Glad to see you’re back in action, Mr. B. You’re an asshole and all, and most of your opinions are total BS, but i love you anyway.

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