nature at its wildest; tornado season spins up

I know from personal experience how terrifying tornados can be. In fourth grade, my parents and I huddled in a bathroom as one twisted the tops of pine trees that towered above my house. It was about as close as you can get without actual damage, injury or loss.

but these tornado pictures are simply beautiful. What a lovely, terrible thing His creation can be.

Spectacular pictures of nature at its wildest, captured by the storm chasers who risk their lives to follow twisters | the Daily Mail


13 Responses to “nature at its wildest; tornado season spins up”

  1. heyy.

    that picture scares the shit out of me it is really scary and it really freaks me out!

  2. scary pic

  3. Omg that is a beautiful picture.

  4. ho my god that is a big tornado 🙂


  6. that is soooooooooo cooooooool

  7. that is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen jordan+janna=love

  8. i do not think that is a tornado. that could be a new kind of storm!!!!!

  9. actually it looks more like a super cell to me

  10. whoa! That’s NOT a tornado

  11. waaaaah kren abis cuy…,.

  12. dude thats so cool

  13. MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!! thats huge

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