honesty in campaign 2008

Not that there’s actually any honesty going on. But if Obama actually had approved the use of this bumper sticker, we would be smelling that sweet aroma of truth.

The dude at IMAO (not Frank J.; the other one, I guess) hit upon something that’s been bouncing around my head since the Democratic race started heating up. Everyone’s so fired up for “change,” but they never say what exactly they want to change, or what exactly they’d like to change into.

For instance, I’m not always satisfied with the drab, humanoid body with which I was born. Change, I sometimes think, would be nice.

But that doesn’t mean I’d like to be a werewolf. Or ManBearPig, or Bat Boy.

Spider-man I could tolerate (web-swinging always looked like a hoot).

Now there are some things I wouldn’t mind seeing changed in this nation — income taxes and the designated hitter spring to mind. But that doesn’t mean I’ll vote for the guy that uses a vague, six-letter word the most times per speech. Because I don’t think Barry will push the types of change I have in mind.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that Obama’s brand of change, while it would be different than what was before, wouldn’t necessarily be my idea of progress.

Regression, like retreat, constitutes “change.” That does not make it a good thing.


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