familiar with the term “fifth column?”

I tend to be pretty tolerant of the anti-American tendencies of many on the left. but now they’ve transitioned from daydreaming about using domestic terrorism to undermine a war they dislike, to actual carrying out and celebrating acts of domestic terrorism.

Via Moonbattery

Regarding the military recruiting center at Times Square that was bombed yesterday, an enlighened progressive had this to say at the New York City Independent Media Center:

WE DID IT!!!!!! Not one person was harmed. Only property. Kudos on a perfect action!

Of course, when you set off bombs in Manhattan, it’s only dumb luck if no one gets killed. But for now moonbats haven’t directly killed anyone in their fifth-column attack on our military, which is enough to give them the moral high ground — from their own depraved point of view. Their al Qaeda allies must be delighted.

Moonbats and other leftists like to say dissent is a form of patriotism; they deify those who leverage the First Amendment to espouse causes and people directly opposed to our national values. But I think it’s time we remember that the U.S. does have laws against treason on the books, and those laws carry stiff penalties up to and including the death sentence.

Those who place bombs in Time Square deserve a comfortable seat in the Yellow Momma (though Alabama’s electric chair has been retired).

Just because they didn’t kill anyone this time doesn’t mean they won’t next time. And their ideological coziness with Al Qaeda and Jihadists certainly calls their allegiances into question.


One Response to “familiar with the term “fifth column?””

  1. Who committed the act?

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