what do you think you’re looking at?

I’ve been away for a while, I know. I popped in every once in a while, but my blogging quantity has been pretty low, and my blogging quality has been in the basement.

Hope all of you regular readers don’t hold a grudge, assuming there are any of you left.

But I’ve been kinda aimless since Thompson dropped out of the Presidential race. That’s weird, though, because I never really pictured myself becoming a political blogger. I just saw an opportunity — a blogburst event hoping to boost the Fred-ster back into the GOP primary — to get noticed a little bit.

And I did, I suppose, though it didn’t really net many readers. It did get my name on a list of other pro-Fred bloggers, including some favorites of mine (especially the oft-hilarious, moron-friendly Ace of Spaces HQ). But Fred’s dead, at least for this election cycle. And I’m pretty burned out on the elections, which appear to be entering their tenth year.

I think I’m swearing off politics as a blogging topic; I’ll probably retire the “Fred Thompson” category henceforth. It was only a ploy to get noticed by the aforementioned blogburst in the first place.

There have also been some missed opportunities for inspired, timely posts. Those are collected in limbo as unfinished drafts. If I find an opportunity to post them, maybe I will. They’re unfinished because the realities of life — job, kids, wife — consistently interrupt, usually during a creative peak.

And watch this! After lamenting the interruptions of life, as I was on the verge of swearing off interruptions to my writing, lo and behold, No. 1 Son has announced that he is hungry. And a cold Pop Tart isn’t gonna cut it anymore.  So again, I find myself cut short before making my point.

Well, maybe I can just speed up the process. Hey guys! I’m gonna start writing again, on the regular. Cross my heart. That way the semi-regular stream of (literally) dozens of viewers will have something fresh to look at.

Because my blog stats say 48 people checked out the site yesterday, and I have no idea why. But I’d like them to have something worth checking out the next time they drift by.

More later.


One Response to “what do you think you’re looking at?”

  1. lululeelee Says:

    That is the right attitude. All those hits were me LOL. Just keedding. See you are interesting and people want to hear more words of the day. That is what I read for!

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