reasons i wish Disney had left ESPN alone

F#&% ESPN [Dan Collins]

UPDATE: Ya know, I don’t even know why i linked this post. In fact, I’m so determined to get these old drafts outta the way, that I’m not even gonna read the link.

I’ll just fire it on out there. What’s the worst that could happen?

I can think of a number of reasons I’d agree with the F**k ESPN sentiment, most of all their over reliance on sappy or lame features and the near lack of actual highlights on SportCenter.

And, of course, the perpetual anti-SEC bias, which is far more pervasive even than liberal MSM bias. It’s because they’re afraid of the SEC. They know our football is better than theirs, so they banish us to obscurity and pretend Big 10 schools actually deserve to be in the top 10.

UPDATE: I changed the title, because I didn’t like the looks of an F-bomb, even an ASCII-censored one, right at the top of the page.

And I don’t feel like writing enough tonight to move it below the fold.


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