I hate myspace

It’s become apparent now that life’s forward march has destroyed the social networks of childhood and college, I can no longer avoid having a myspace page.

But i really don’t want one. I like the concept, but after blogging intermittently for a few years (though in obscurity), I find the myspace interface bewildering.Every time I want to search for a friend, I stumble about as name searches yeild thousands of “danny smith,” for instance; additional modifiers, though, yeild zero results.

It took me forever even to figure out what I was supposed to do with my profile page. I’m programmed by the journalism profession to produce coherent content: stuff with news value, or a coherent point, something.

I’ve only recently figured out myspace is more like a campaign poster for class president at Ridgemont High. Something to tell a little about yourself, has a list of all the folks who appear to like you and — for God’s sake — makes you look cool.

It’ll come to me eventually; but I don’t expect to enjoy the process. It’s a necessary evil, I suppose, and I can’t imagine ever devoting the amount of creative energy pride terror anguish to a myspace page as I aim to on the casefiles.

But I see its utility. Now if I could just find that danny dude’s page. I left my jacket at his party and I was too trashed to remember where his house was.

It was a dark road, and I’m pretty sure there were some trees ….

UPDATE: Anguish! That was the emotion I was looking for! Oh, and by the way, it’s good to be back. I know everyone has missed me in this recent hiatus. Well, everyone that was here before. Which was, ya know, no one. Except you, Lulu!


One Response to “I hate myspace”

  1. lululeelee Says:

    I was here everyday! Looking for you political antidotes and waiting for new words of the day, but you were missing in action! No one was around to tell me what a cheboy was! I was wondering if you had jumped ship! Welcome back!

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