Old classmate aspires to be cop-killa

I’m pretty sure I went to elementary school with this guy.

WSFA TV Montgomery, AL – Elmore County Man Charged with Two Counts Attempted Murder on Police Officers

And from my as-yet unpublished story:

Judging McDowell a flight risk and a danger to the community, Goggans set his bail at a total of $200,000. Had he faced the music for failing to appear in an earlier DUI case, McDowell’s punishment would have been fines and a couple nights in jail, at most.
But because he allegedly made two attempts on officers’ lives — first with a gun Jan. 25, then with his car at a U.S. 231 gas station Monday — McDowell now faces up to 99 years in jail for each of the two Class-A felonies.
McDowell was a passenger in the vehicle of 26-year-old Randall Osteen Jan. 25 when Elmore County deputies initiated a routine traffic stop on Alabama Highway 14 West.
When Osteen saw the flashing lights, he hit the accelerator, beginning a chase that involved eight law enforcement agencies, Ricky Lowery of the Sheriff’s Department said. The chase ended when Osteen crashed his car near the Page Hill Estates subdivision in Millbrook. As deputies moved to take Osteen into custody, McDowell ran toward the woods, shooting at a pursuing deputy as he fled.
The police lost him, but put out a BOLO — police slang for “Be On the Look-Out — for him. Three days later, an off-duty Wetumpka Police officer recognized McDowell at the Liberty Oil gas station near the county line on U.S. 231.
The officer attempted to block-in McDowell’s car with his, but the suspect tried to run the officer down as he exited his car. The officer fired one shot, Edwards said, as McDowell sped away.

These kinds of episodes are among the biggest rewards of working the crime beat in you hometown.


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