The Esteemed Maverick of the Opposition

I just don’t think I want to support a candidate who craps on his supposed allies – conservatives – and sends flowers and fellatios to the In-the-Bag Media and democrats. Karl at Protein Wisdom sums up my McCain dichotomy of respect vs.  irritation.

McCain Derangement Syndrome: A reply to Roger L. Simon [Karl]
On one level, I cannot help but respect McCain for not wanting to change his positions to align himself with the conservative base. It is undoubtedly the same defiant streak that got him through the hell of the Hanoi Hilton. On the other hand, many people wish that he would at least reserve his most harsh, sneering, morally arrogant and childish rhetoric for liberals, Democrats and their subset in the media, rather than for those with whom he purports to agree with most of the time.


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