Rush Does Not Concede, Vows to Fight On

I’ve never seriously considered a celebrity write-in for a major office — well, not since I voted Peter Parker in my 11th grade Spanish club election (there were so few in the club, Spider-man’s alter ego was in a three way tie for the presidency).

But Rush Limbaugh would be a legit write-in vote in my opinion. And there’s enough Dittoheads out there for a noticeable ripple, at least, if not an electoral splash.

Rush Does Not Concede, Vows to Fight On

We did not win. But we did not and we have not lost. I know of all these reports of campaign irregularities. It has been revealed and documented, ladies and gentlemen. My name was left off the ballots in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, Broward County. (boos) My name was not to be found on the ballots in Orlando, Jacksonville, in Tampa, St. Pete. (boos) No, no, no, no. Elections are what they are, and one thing we know is there will always be another. This election might have been stolen from us, ladies and gentlemen, but let me assure you we will not — I repeat — we will not. We will not pull an Algore and sue anybody. (applause) We will not look at hanging chads, nor lawyers, no lawsuits. Thank you

Not that many people have noticed, but we Alabamians vote on Super Duper Terrific Tsunami Tuesday too (that was self-indulgent … forgive me).

Now all the candidates I could get behind have been left behind.

The Legislature did the hip thing last summer and moved up our primary “so Alabama’s vote would matter again.”

Maybe I’ll write in Rush Limbaugh, just for the conservative thrill of “throwing away” the first consequential primary vote of my life.


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