Staff Sgt. Crash: Winning Iraq

I don’t usually post on war topics. But I love to read a good war story, and Michael Totten’s The Final Battle Part 1 is awesome. It’s about a real life super hero. He’s an Iraqi translator who fights alongside American forces in Fallujah, as they work to forge the Iraqi Police in preparation for American withdrawal.

Michael J. Totten: The Final Mission, Part I
His semi-official name is Staff Sergeant Crash. He is not a Marine, so he is not really a staff sergeant. And his name, obviously, is not really Crash. Hes an Iraqi interpreter who goes by a pseudonym. And he is authorized to go by the rank of staff sergeant because he saved the life of a real American staff sergeant in battle.

“Ive been fighting with the Marines in Fallujah for three years,” he told me.

Read the whole thing.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story

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