‘Intrinsically Safe = No’ – A vertigo-inducing flashlight

Ya know, I really need to buy a new bulb for my cop-style, quadruple D-cell, bludgeon-ready Maglight. Or, I could drop another $297, and get this beauty. The HammerHead Tac-Strobe Flashlight

It’s not every day you see a company lead off a product feature list with “Intrinsically Safe = No,” but that’s just what the folks at FoxFury have done with their new HammerHead Tac-Strobe Flashlight, and that just about makes it impossible for us to ignore. If that’s not enough to sell you on it, however, you can rest assured that the flashlight also boasts a “highly stylized design,” to say nothing of 320 lumens of brightness (or 4,019 candle power) and a “Turbo-Strobe” feature that promises to be “very disturbing” for anyone looking into the light. All that can be yours right now just under $300, with a weapon mount set to follow for an unspecified price in June.

Bright as the sun, AND potentially seizure-inducing. I gotta get me one of those.


One Response to “‘Intrinsically Safe = No’ – A vertigo-inducing flashlight”

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