the real stakes of Kyoto

I’m one of those skeptics the media so kindly refer to a Global Warming Deniers. There’s just not enough science out there to convince me of, well, any of their basic theses.

I’m pretty sure the climate is changing. But I’m pretty sure that if it WASN’T changing, that would be actual news. Climate changes, it cycles, it morphs over time, due to the immeasurably large set of stimuli that make up the (I just can’t resist some Lion King) The Circle of Life … or the biosphere, whatever you wanna call it.

The true goal of the global warming alarmists, IMO, is Control. That’s why they’re always discussing the need for international regimes, world programs. They want to unify their control, so no one can argue with their blessed consensus. Roy Spencer, a climatologist at the University of Alabama-Huntsville (Go Chargers!), reminds us what we’re really facing in the doughy face of Al Gore.

Planet Gore on National Review Online

Once the government gains control over energy decisions, do we really think they will relinquish it after manmade global warming is realized to be a false alarm? It has been said that whoever controls energy, controls life. Right now, the free market (which means you) controls those decisions.

Once we cede authority to the government, at whatever level, we no longer have the right to defy that authority. We cannot risk that, especially not when the recipient of power looks to be the United Nations.


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