I like you Mitt, but I’m just not ready to move on yet.

A quick glance at my Tag Cloud makes it pretty obvious — I was heavily invested, emotionally, in Fred Thompson’s candidacy. He seemed like the one option in the voting booth that would leave me with a clear conscience. But Fred’s campaign never really got off the ground; I see no need to speculate the whys … this is how it is.

As a Fredhead, I got noticed, a little bit at least. It made me feel good to see the lower casefiles mentioned alongside blogosphere favorites like IMAO or Right Wing Nuthouse. But what I never considered was that someone else had noticed that I had been noticed.

I got an email from Romney’s communications director yesterday, asking me to blog about Mitt. While I was a bit flattered (someone noticed me when I wasn’t just gaming the system), I feel a lot like Rick Moran describes in PJM today.

Pajamas Media: Wooing Fredheads

Being wooed in this manner would be flattering if the attentions were wanted. I guess now I know how Britney Spears feels. Well, I would if I were an ex-teenage pop star with mental health issues and an impulse control problem. Perhaps a better analogy would be woman being pursued by several suitors, who, while uninterested in spending the rest of her life with them, doesn’t wish to hurt their feelings to the point that they would forego giving her the expensive presents and nights on the town she has become accustomed to.In this vein, I have decided not to support any candidate in the primaries and to revisit the issue once the GOP chooses a nominee. Judging from what I’ve read from many of my fellow Fredheads, I am not alone in choosing this path — although I’m certainly not in the majority.

With the options currently available, I’m pretty likely to choose Mitt Romney in the voting booth Feb. 5. But I’m not sure I can truly get behind Mitt the way I did Fred.

Fred was someone I was excited about, someone I wanted to see as leader of the free world. I mean, if it can’t be me, why not a guy who’s from my home state (born in Sheffield, Ala.), cares about the issues I do (Kill the terrorists, protect the borders, punch the hippies — to quote IMAO) and who stars in my favorite TV show of all time (I know that’s a silly justification, sue me).

I just don’t see enough of me in Mitt to go blog-ass-crazy for Romney. I think he’ll do a passable job; I’m certainly more comfortable voting for him than the other remainders in the field.

But for us to “go steady,” with me as a full-time booster? I’m sorry Mitt. I just don’t think of you that way. Gimme a call in a few weeks; maybe we can get together.


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