‘it’s like jazz on paper’ — a homeless artist, rescued, then discovered

Amy Alkon tells how she met Gary Musselman, an artist who happens to be homeless (I don’t like where “homeless artist” places the emphasis). She met Gary in a coffee shop, after she overheard some button-down snotbag offering a measley $10 each for his art.

Gary Musselman drew this, for example:

Untitled, by Gray Musselman

Now I’m no aficionado, but I know what I like, and what I’d be willing to pay for a piece that pleases me.

His stuff is worth more than 10 bucks. And here’s what’s really cool.

Since Amy posted her blog, a legion of strangers has assembled to help Gary’s art get the exposure it deserves. Bravo, to Amy and her benevolent readers.

I’m terrible about getting everything copied that I need for a blog post. So I’ll come back after while to update this post, with the address for Gary’s new Web site, as well as his e-mail address. In case you’re curious, here’s the link to Amy’s post: Advice Goddess Blog


2 Responses to “‘it’s like jazz on paper’ — a homeless artist, rescued, then discovered”

  1. Thats pretty cool. More power to Gary. I’m a homeless artist too and I know thats the good dream. One day to be able to buy a home and support your live with your artwork. Or even just be enabled to create without the day to day struggles to, say, take a shower and eat somewhere.

    Good luck Gary!

  2. David Goodwin Says:

    That story was pretty far from my normal coverage area, but the strength of his artwork snared me. The fact that someone took the time to listen to him, and to give him a chance to turn his artwork into a figurative ladder out of homelessness inspired me. Thanks for the comment. I’ve been pretty slack in my posting. Your comment reminded me of my responsibility to the lowercasefiles.

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