I love it when women get catty!

And while Camille Paglia is an accomplished, upstanding woman, she couldn’t have smashed Hillary! any better by dubbing her a nappy-headed ho.

Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Iran and more | Salon.com
But Hillary herself, with her thin, spotty record, tangled psychological baggage, and maundering blowhard of a husband, is also a mighty big roll of the dice. She is a brittle, relentless manipulator with few stable core values who shuffles through useful personalities like a card shark (“Cue the tears!”). Forget all her little gold crosses: Hillary’s real god is political expediency. Do Americans truly want this hard-bitten Machiavellian back in the White House? Day one will just be more of the same.

If anything happens to Paglia in the next few days and weeks, somebody check Hillary’s alibi, as well as that of her Vast Tampon-with-Wings Conspiracy.

Because, as we say in Alabama, “Them’s some fightin’ words!”


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