BLOGBURST FOR FRED: Battle stations!

Again, this comes with the caveat that I have virtually no readers, nor is my wallet chunky enough to help Sen. Fred Thompson much in South Carolina. But Right Wing Nuthouse does, so go here to MAN THE OARS AND START PULLING!

We need someone like Fred. I’m pretty cynical most times, and rarely prone to trust any politician. But Fred seems more sincere than any of the other candidates, all of which have a position or two I consider No-Fly Zones. He’s not going to get any love from the media. They can’t prop him up for a comeback like they did Maverick McCain, because they can’t figure out how they’ll knock him down in time for the General Election.

So it’s up to us, the little guys, to give whatever tuppence we have. In my case, just words. Go Fred, to victory in S.C., then some other places, then some other places, and then to The White House. Yeeeearrrrgh! (so they were Howard Dean’s words, sue me; I never specified they’d be mine)


One Response to “BLOGBURST FOR FRED: Battle stations!”

  1. lululeelee Says:

    Now I rememember you telling me not to long ago the way to get a reader is not to cry about why you don’t have readers. LOL Some days I have 2 readers and other days 40+. there is no reasoning behind it. Just keep plugging away. I will still read!

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