UK’s size zero epidemic (and, most likely, ours too)

 Apparently lots of girls in Britain think this is pretty:

And I thought bad teeth was the Brits’ biggest issue. Meanwhile, health agencies on both sides of The Pond crow about the obesity epidemic (and global warming, obviously).

Size zero epidemic as hospitals struggle to cope with huge rise in patients with eating disorders | the Daily Mail

Official statistics from Hospital Episode Statistics, which records data on Health Service wards, show eating disorders have become so widespread they are putting serious pressure on the number of beds available to other patients.Last year, 84,377 bed days were taken up by those suffering from eating disorders – the equivalent to about 232 beds a day – up from 51,878 in 2002.

I know how this crisis can be ameliorated, probably even reversed. Congress must be lobbied, bills must be written, federal funds must be appropriated for the greatest Size Zero vaccine known to man: The Thickburger.


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