Hallelujuah, it’s raining … iguanas!

Raining iguanas … funny stuff.  Apparently the recent cold snap is putting iguanas into suspended animation, causing them to fall from trees en masse.


There’s nothing I can say to improve that image. Just think of someone, anyone really, standing under a tree at Bill Baggs State Park, when it starts pouring lizards.

But the park ranger doesn’t appreciate the innate humor of

It rains iguanas at Bill Baggs park – 01/03/2008 – MiamiHerald.com
Yero isnt too fond of the comatose critters. They are exotics from Central and South America, brought in as pets and then released to the wilds by their owners when they got too big for the house.

They munch on the foliage, literally nipping in the bud efforts to revive native vegetation.

They really are taking over, Yero said.

So why can’t Yero take advantage of the invasive iguanas’ sleepiness? Go out with a wheelbarrow and a dip-net, box them all up, and mail them somewhere warmer.

Or to Hillary Clinton’s house. And office.


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