a new word for a boring thursday

I’m not necessarily recommending this girl’s blog — judging by the tags, she appears a bit of a man-hating hosebeast. But she introduced me to a new word, and judging by her overuse of it, it’s obviously one of her favorites. Besides, I always wanted to curse in a Chinese dialect. So I present the lower casefiles’ first-ever Word of the Day:


Judging by a quick search, it’s not all that obscure; it’s just WAY out of my cultural ballpark. But new ways to say THAT frequently come in handy. I also like that cheebye can be used as a noun, adverb or an adjective, with no change to its form.

BTW, I too am having one cheebye of a day at work.


5 Responses to “a new word for a boring thursday”

  1. lululeelee Says:

    I love it Mr. Bitterness. You have tought me a new word that you or I would never would have heard if you were not a blog surfer. I look forward to hearing and reading many words of the day from you.

    PS. I am sorry your day is so bad. I hope tomorrow is a less cheebye-ish day for you.

  2. ahahahahaah!!!! do you know what is the meaning of ” cheebye”?

  3. lululeelee Says:

    I sure do do thanks to UrbanDictionary.com

  4. mrbitterness Says:

    Of course I know what it means. What fun is a Word of the Day if I can’t define it. Just because I don’t have one, doesn’t mean I can’t find a use for the word.

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