Thanks Friends of Fred

Seeing the lower casefiles mentioned alongside favorites like IMAO and Right Wing Nuthouse just gave the warm-and-fuzzies. Though I’m sure we’re pretty low on the gravitas rankings, it’s an honor to be nominated.

But in the case of Fred Thompson’s run for the GOP nomination, it’s IMPERATIVE he be nominated. There are some good men on the GOP side, but none of them have the command of the important issues of the day that FDT

John Hawkins at Right Wing News put it well, I thought:

“This may be our last, best shot to help Fred because he needs to finish in at least 3rd place in Iowa to keep going — and let me tell you, if he’s out, you’re going to really have to hold your nose when you’re deciding which of these other candidates to back. “

He also put together a couple videos, like the sure-to-be-classic “Vote Fred Thompson — Unless you hate children and puppies.”

Good stuff, made from scratch for the best hope for America in the coming years.

Roll Tide.

(That’s an U of Alabama thing, for those not saavy about college football. FDT’s from Tennessee, a sin I’ve tried to forgive.  But I must occasionally inoculate myself.)


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