Saturday-morning stereotyping on the Disney Channel

Now I’m as much opposed to identity politics as the next right-blooded American. But the Disney Channel’s takeoff on PBS’s hit “Bob the Builder” seems pretty un-PC from my point of view.

Instead of Bob and his personified heavy equipment, we have “Handy Manny” and his Latin accented tools: hammer, screwdriver, pliers. All of them talk like the early shift in the Home Depot parking lot.


Wonder if Mickey Mouse checked Manny’s immigration papers before hiring him?


6 Responses to “Saturday-morning stereotyping on the Disney Channel”

  1. Who the hell you think you are? What kind of childish remark is “I wonder if Mickey Mouse checked Manny’s immigration papers?”

    Its a show that teaches teamwork and being polite to your fellow man and/or woman.

  2. mrbitterness Says:

    “Who the hell you think you are?”
    Well, “Michael,” I think I’m the purveyor of content at this particular Popsicle stand of information. Who do you think you are?
    Did my bit of snark hurt your feelings? Damn. I’ll add you to the list of Net-Nazis I filter myself for.
    What? That list doesn’t exist?
    Oh yeah. That’s because I don’t let anyone dictate my thoughts; that whole First-Amendment thing applies most vitally to things with which we disagree.

  3. I’m wondering where the comment about Mickey Mouse checking his immigration papers came from as well. However i thought it was very sterotypical for Mandy and his tools to have such heavy Latin acents. I like the fact that there have been more hispanics represented in today’s childern shows but it’s getting a little annoying especially since Mandy could very well be a wet back construction worker without a greencard… sad but true.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    They don’t ALL have Latin accents. In one episode, Felipe (the Phillips-head screwdriver) says something about seeing all of their amigos. Then, Pat (the hammer) says, “Yeah, and our friends!!” Then Felipe goes on to explain that amigos means friends. The show is teaching Spanish to children, as well as many wonderful values. I don’t see how you think that this is un-PC. Do you think that all of the children’s shows that consist of entirely caucasian characters are un-PC because of their lack of diversity? How about you take the show for what it is and stop trying to make a “political” statement about it. I understand that you were practicing the 1st ammendment. So am I.

  5. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey,we love u!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I agree. This show is RACIST and shows that the Latino’s can solve ANYTHING! While the white kids are a problem and the white or Jewish shop owners are morons incapable of functioning without Manny and his talking tools. ENOUGH alredy!

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