I’ll have mushrooms with my pizza, Curly Sue says

Power up!

My wife ran across this darling little girl on a hobby gardening Web site. Miss Understood (my online moniker for the wife) was looking to ID some shrooms that popped up in our yard, and to parse and diagnose their magical and/or deadly properties.

Needless to say, my wife’s mushroom discovery can’t match the Power Caps this little lady discovered.

Enjoy the trip, Stephanie Tanner. Just don’t let Danny or Uncle Jessie find out.

Also, kill the woodchuck. Do it now.


6 Responses to “I’ll have mushrooms with my pizza, Curly Sue says”

  1. No its not a fucking magic mushroom you retard go eat it and see what happens. You will probably die. wtf what a stupid question is it magic? ya it will give you a trip alright, a trip straight to the hospital.

  2. stupid.

  3. My my, Troll-Thomas. Just a world-class douchebag, aren’t you? That was obviously a joke. I hate haters.

  4. Coujoe Ryan Says:

    Those mushrooms you got ther a most widely known as Panther caps, a highly toxic mushroom that should not be consumed by humans.

  5. Coujoe Ryan Says:

    I think lmao.

  6. juggalo josh Says:

    yea they deadly aight i takin one of those n i almost die but hey im not dead yet

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