Why doesn’t Fred Thompson do this more often?

Fred Thompson is the candidate with the most likeable public persona and without a doubt the one who seems most natural using humor to advance his views.  So why have we seen so little like this from him?

Fred Thompson Campaign Apologizes for mentioning the Hucka-Truth

It’s been clear to me since he first started doing Paul Harvey’s show that he’d be the best person to lead the GOP forward. His views are dead-on: American exceptionalism, anti-Nanny Statism, the underestimated strength of the economy, etc.

So why the hell have we seen so little of him during this campaign? Most pundits seem to blame this on his “laziness,” but could it be the ones who hold the (MSM)egaphones are terrified his voice might be heard?

It’s pretty obvious by now that journalists are in the bag for the Dems. Why is the Right so determined to blame Fred’s lack of traction on him, when the more logical conclusion is to file it with everything else under MSM-led conspiracy?


One Response to “Why doesn’t Fred Thompson do this more often?”

  1. You’re absolutely right. In fact, even the newspeople have been forced to prove that Thompson’s schedule and the “lazy” idea don’t add up.

    The only people still spouting the “Fred is Lazy” bull are those who are either wilfully uninformed, or really just that gullible.

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