Thank you Jason Whitlock

for doing the job most journalists are afraid to do. The insistence there can be no honest mention of cause for the effect of black-on-black violence is a nasty incarnation of racism. Not to defend the Klan or anything (they did near-irreparable harm to the reputations of good-hearted Southerners), but at least they advertised what they were all about.

With coersive cliches like “keeping it real,” they hold black men back from prosperity, all the while claiming to speak FOR them. When you give someone directions over the mountain and that left turn you prescribe takes them off a cliff, you are responsible when gravity smites their ruin upon the mountainside.

Jason Whitlock, sports columnist for the Kansas City Star and FOX Sports, is a lone valiant voice who calls a spade a spade. The persistent bravery — in light of media crucifixions of Bill Cosby and others — shown in his columns is worthy of respect.

FOX Sports on MSN – NFL – Taylors death a grim reminder for us all

HBO did a fascinating documentary on Little Rock Central High School, the Arkansas school that required the National Guard so that nine black kids could attend in the 1950s. Fifty years later, the school is one of the nations best in terms of funding and educational opportunities. Its 60 percent black and located in a poor black community.

Watch the documentary and ask yourself why nine poor kids in the 50s risked their lives to get a good education and a thousand poor black kids today ignore the opportunity that is served to them on a platter.

Blame drugs, blame Ronald Reagan, blame George Bush, blame it on the rain or whatever. Theres only one group of people who can change the rotten, anti-education, pro-violence culture our kids have adopted. We have to do it.


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