Democrats: Defending the rights of these guys


Many people on the Left side of the country think people like this deserve — nay, NEED — the protections of our legal system and opinion makers. They want to ensure Americans’ right to drunk-dial such people at will. They want to make sure these angry folks never have anything unpleasant happen to them at our hands.

This outraged crowd is demanding the execution of an English school-marm. For what? Well naming a teddy bear Mohammad at the behest of her class, of course.

lgf: Religion of Tolerance Screams for Teddy Bear Execution

The ACLU will go to the mat to prevent anyone from ever saying anything bad about these Stone Age leftovers. And that’s why I vote GOP, even though I don’t always agree with them.

At least I can tell who’s side they’re on.

UPDATE: Just some copy editing.  Even us “layers of editors” mess up when we’re working on the fly. Ask CNN.


One Response to “Democrats: Defending the rights of these guys”

  1. Not sure if they would appreciate me naming the new chew toy I got my dog ‘Mohammed’.

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