Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was nice. We had the usual family get-together at my grandmother’s house. It’s always interesting because Nanny lives in a converted manufactured home, and almost all the extended family turns out.

It’s visual proof that our family loves each other. Because crammed in together like that, it’d be a massacre if we didn’t . Kodi and JD got to play with cousins from other branches of the Vickers/Goodwin family tree. It’s amazing to see the next generation of the family growing up.

I guess I’m starting to feel the same way my parents did when I was running around there playing with Iris and Ruth. But it’s really great.

This time last year, I’d just lost my job. We were broke, and stuck living back with my parents.

Since then, Jenn and I have been arrested after a fight that got out of hand. Kodi had a heart transplant. John David’s started walking and talking. And I’m back at The Observer, the newspaper where I started, and where I’ve always been most comfortable.

So, today I’m thankful for stability. Well, relative stability.

That’s all any of us can home for, I guess. Things are getting fairly predictable, and I’m happy about it.

Nothing very interesting in this post, I’m afraid. The turkey-buzz is setting in; it’s about time to snuggle down for the night. I’ve got lots of work to do, and only one day off to do it.


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