Battles for the Armory: Long-awaited Part One

Just got home from the Battles for the Armory, the re-enactment of a Civil War battle where Confederates defended the Tallassee Armory, which manufactured carbine rifles on the banks of the Tallapoosa River in Alabama. It’s organized by the Tallassee Armory Guards, SCV Camp #1921.

This re-enactment is unique because the Tallassee Armory was the only Confederate armory to survive the War Between the States. That means the Confederates win the battle.


As a lifelong Southerner, I’m baffled and bewitched by the South’s unending love and obsession with The War. Rarely will you see so many banners of a conquered nation flying so freely. The war haunts us, and it inspires us.

They weren’t fighting to defend the system that made millionaires of the asses who wouldn’t speak to them in church. Soldiers who fought did so because an army of folks they’d never met topped a hill in the distance, toting guns and cannon marching right at the family farm.


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