How many more times?

Just had it out with my wife … again. This song popped into my head.

It’s just all about excuses for her. If she’s tired, or sick, or frustrated … from time to time, that’s not an excuse, it’s a reas0n i can accept for her to take a break from Family Time.

But she uses all imaginable excuses, and she uses them all the time. Even when things seem to be going great, and she’s up and getting things done, I know the excuses could start washing over me like a flash flood.

If I accept it, she goes into hiding (or hibernation) — commitments and responsibilities be damned.

If I question it, even carefully, my voice painfully modulated, the levy could break. In her torrent of anger and insults, it’s a struggle not to be carried away.

She said things were going to be getting back to normal, but I’ve never seen normal with her. The bad is normal; the good times seem to be the aberration.

With all my strength I try to hold our family together. She’s willing to blow the whole thing up for the vaguest provocation.


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