An absolutely stunning muscle car

At ‘s Car Lust blog, comes a review of on of the best looking cars I’ve seen — the Plymouth Super Bird. There was an instant, visceral delight when the first photo loaded, as if I was genetically wired to love this car.


But reading on, I realized this joy was from the nurture, not nature, side. Richard Petty drove these in NASCAR back in the day. I’m not a racin’ fan per se, but remember watching Petty when I was a kid, and I always loved his STP-sponsored car.

To this day, that STP logo makes the mundane task of de-gunking my fuel system strangely enjoyable.

One Response to “An absolutely stunning muscle car”

  1. Ahh…the Superbird….you nailed it! Petty driving this monster with the STP logos….that was racing! I think Plymouth should come out with a redone version. How cool would that be?

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