Trust no one

The one constant in my life is a lack of trustworthy peers. Does anyone in my generation tell the truth? Does anyone have my back?

Or will I just find that each >REDACTED< made a play for my >>REDACTED<>REDACTED<>REDACTED<< at the simplest difference of opinion?

All I want is a normal life, yet soap-opera BS is lurking at every corner.

UPDATE: Don’t you just love it when you write a post that’s a little more honest than necessary. This thing had some useful questions, but overall was as whiny as a leper at the beach.

Since I don’t have any readers, it doesn’t really matter. But, one day I’d like to, and I plan to preserve posts to document my evolution (hopefully). So I’ll leave the embarrassing melodrama for your mild amusement, while zapping some verbs and nouns that could add friction.

However harmful self-censorship is to the free flow of information, no principle should outweigh self preservation.

I like the new way; it’s like Mad-Libs.

This post also illustrates the danger of a crackberry-powered blog. Off the cuff mobile posts tend toward uninspired “because I can” doldrums.


One Response to “Trust no one”

  1. No principle should outweigh self-preservation?? where would Christians be today if that were true?

    And I don’t make a ____ for your _____ at any of the differences of opinions we might have 🙂 I just love ya.

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