Taking baby steps toward Sodom

From The Corner on National Review Online:
“Gay marriage is apparently already serving as a springboard for the dissolution of our traditional family arrangements. Just a week ago, almost completely under the radar (I can’t find a single story on nexis), a Pennsylvania court awarded triple parenting status to a lesbian couple and a male sperm donor, without any legislative basis.”

This is one of the underlying issues addressed in Robert A. Heinlein’s “Friday.” Heinlein’s main character, a genetically engineered living weapon/courier, starts the novel as part of a group family in New Zealand that wraps together a number of couples and their children.

As she proceeds through Heinlein’s not-too-distant future, the family begins to splinter, isolating Friday from everything she thought she knew, and even claiming her cat in the “divorce.”

I’ll have to reread those portions to better expound on the conclusions RAH draws.


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