A Question Someone Ought to Ask

ABC News: Pet Food Maker to Take Financial Responsibility for Pet Deaths From Poisoning

Doctors have found a toxin in the pet food that is not part of any legal pesticide, and is only found in some cancer treatments. So there’s no way someone accidentally tipped over the box of rat poison unwisely placed near the pet food vats.

So has anyone considered that this poison pet food scare might just be a wildly successful test-run for terrorists who’d love to poison the county’s food supply. Homeland Security officials talk about the necessity of protecting the nation’s food, yet when curious tainted-product scandals like this break, they never seem to investigate whether it’s part of a larger plan.

Has anyone considered that, in light of the recent litany of food quality scares (lettuce, Taco Bell, peanut butter, now deadly dog chow), maybe our food supply is ALREADY under attack?


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