The digital age wasn’t good for grandma

When we switched to the digital camera, we envisioned endless family photos, printed practically free by our feet, filling refrigerator doors across the family. But printer ink turned out to be as expensive as a photo-tech’s left kidney, and the sorting, toning, printer-loading and collating process was a real drag.
So nobody has pictures. Our apologies … it’s been a little busy ’round these parts.
Along with random news updates and whimsical anecdotes, this space aims to play catch-up on the photographic history of The Goodwins Four: Mommy Monster, Sunshine Princess, Rolling Thunder and your humble narrator here.
Enjoy (and pray there’s another post on here sometime in the near future … otherwise it’s hopeless).

PS: If you have any requests — past holidays, funny moments … — drop me an email.


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