ranting on Schiavo

At what point did the legislative branch hijack the role of the courts? In Florida, the Legislature, as endorsed in signature by Gov. Jeb Bush, passed a bill that overrode a sensible court decision and blatantly ignored 20 years of case law: for one persistently vegitative woman who hasn’t demonstrated cognition in 13 years.

From time to time, legislators will find it necessary to pass laws to negate the, shall we say, creative decisions of certain activist courts (Number Nine? Number Nine?). But in this case, the Florida legislature passed law that extended the nebulous life of one woman. It won’t save any other comatose people in danger of being unplugged by spouses or families hunting for insurance payouts. Just Terry.

And she hasn’t had a concious thought in 13 years, regardless of the obviously edited video her parents forwarded to media outlets before the circuit court clerk.


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