This Kobe Bryant thing … I don’t know what to sa…

This Kobe Bryant thing … I don’t know what to say. As a reporter, I’m well versed in the ways of rape-shield laws. We don’t mention the name of an alleged rape victim: period.

Rape is an insidious crime which can alter a woman’s entire life: I understand that. So, we should take every effort to be sure that the victim is not victimized.

But what if she’s lying?

That’s what strikes me about Kobe’s situation. Everything I read about the controversy centers on the defense losing yet another decision, being denied yet another piece of evidence.

Based on published reports, I can’t figure out how Kobe’s lawyers can mount any kind of defense besides the Lakers’ former Golden Child taking the stand, saying “I didn’t do it,” then making a jumpshot into the jury box.

There’s a difference between shielding the victim and tipping the scales.

What if she’s lying?

Seems like a pretty lucrative business: sleeping with an NBA player, then crying rape. She must be aware of the scads of money in Kobe’s bank account. And her lawyer probably knows that, regardless of the facts, she’ll get the benefit of the doubt. Kobe’s defense team won’t get a chance to regard the facts, because they won’t have access to them.

I don’t know Kobe; I’ve never covered Kobe. I don’t even care for the Lakers. I just know that, the further this criminal situation goes, the more it looks like Kobe is doomed.

It’s hard to make a winning shot when you don’t have a leg to stand on.


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