I heard this morning that Sen. Strom Thurmond fina…

I heard this morning that Sen. Strom Thurmond finally shuffled loose the mortal coil last night, at the ripe old age of 100. Despite his faults, I have always had an odd interest in Thurmond, the Emperor Palpatine of the U.S. Senate. The Grandest Old Partier himself died last night at his home in South Carolina. I suspect he was killed by a chief aide, though, who tossed him down a reactor shaft, sparking a firestorm of blue energy. The killing was, based on my nonexistent reporting, in defense of the aide’s only son, whom Thurmond was gradually swaying toward the dark side.


Also in the news, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas sodomy law yesterday. The decision invalidates anti-sodomy laws in 12 other states, including my own home, the Heart of Dixie. I’m no activist, but I strongly disliked the idea of a person being prosecuted for for simply getting their schwerve on in his or her chosen manner. The Marv Alberts, Bill Clintons and Lorena Bobbits of the world must be relieved.

The Alabama sodomy statute went beyond outlawing consensual sex between persons of the same gender. It outlines and outlaws so-called deviant sexual acts, including oral and anal sex, for Alabama’s entire population. How The University’s Greek system flourished in that kind of legal climate is beyond me.


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